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Poplar Science
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Washington State University researcher Jon Johnson is partnering with Portland company GreenWood Resources to study the use of poplar trees as a feedstock for ethanol production. Hybrid poplars are apparently a low-cost, low-impact crop and are the fastest growing temperate trees. I see the merits in this — vertical biomass growth rather than acres and acres of corn, for example. On the far end, I also see a potential excuse for further selective cutting.

Green car dealer = oxymoron?
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Ecomotion , a new green car dealership selling electric, hybrid, biodiesel and smartway vehicles is opening on Sandy Blvd in Portland.

And I’m not surprised, considering Portland’s appetite for bizarre-looking vehicles (complete with impeach-now bumper stickers) and alternative transportation.

Peddling in Portland is at an all time high, with the census bureau slotting the city as the #1 bike-commuting city in the U.S.

I consider the green dealer another resource for those whose definition of “alternative fuel” does not include their legs. But a green car, is still a car.

Bright lights, big energy bill
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Cost-conscious companies are lowering their energy bills by scaling down “signage” — btw, I’m opposed to the use of this word, it sounds like a noun from an early 90s Pauly Shore movie. Portland sign fabricator, Security Signs, has noticed more of its customers are swapping high-energy bulbs for LEDs. Apparently bucking the trend is Mark Lindsay’s Rock & Roll Cafe, which boasts a whopping 600 incandescent bulbs surrounded by ruby red premium neon. The cafe, opening Monday at Sandy and 41st, wanted the sign to have a 50s dazzle, and that’s what they got; its energy use also screams low-cost hydropower.